I counted the number of times you'd smile at me

★ 11-13/50 pictures of Naya Rivera

"I could not be more proud of @NayaRivera! What a directorial debut. It was a joy to walk by her side throughout this process. Wait until you all see what she created. Wow."


"so she’s gay now?"

yeah she turned it all the paperwork last week and her acceptance letter came this morning, it was all pretty sudden

cloneclub + threats

books for sale in the camden market, london

books for sale in the camden market, london

Putting your hand over a girls mouth to stop people hearing her moaning is the hottest thing

Kissing her and letting her moan into your mouth is even sexier

The Houses that, like pillars four had once held up our school now turned upon each other and divided, sought to rule.

Sarah Paulson || EMMY Nominations

Countdown to Season 4 - Week One: Favorite Overall Character
Lana Winters  "I am tough, but I’m no cookie."